My Favourite London Coffee places

My friend Dennis gave me a hell of a lot of these, and he lives in Melbourne. He’s a coffee fiend, whereas I love drinking bottom of the filter jug two day old coffee as well as a good americano. In fact, the terrible coffee you get in meeting rooms in Japan is my favourite. I figure, if you love rubbish coffee, you’re gonna be alright anywhere in the world.

When I first moved to London, you couldn’t get a good cup of coffee anywhere, it was lucky I like rubbish mud water. Now however, like in the food stakes, London has taken over the rest of the world. There are more good coffee places than I can think of anywhere in the world where I’ve been. They are mostly owned by Aussies and Kiwis though.

This is a Map of my favourites, that usually give you a proper smash to the head when you drink it. The places where I have to limit the number of cups…

As you can see, I don’t really venture out of the Shoreditch and Soho areas. Let alone North London. I live in a North London metropolitan bubble, my coffee habits reflect this.

My favourites are, Ozone coffee, (thanks to my mate Henson), Allpress and if you can on a weekend, get to St John’s bread and wine for a caffeine hammering and a bacon sandwich. The best bacon sandwiches on the planet!