Scott’s Best of the Sea


Agency: Grey Singapore

ECD APAC: Till Hohmann / Marthinus Strydom

CD: Antonio Bonifacio / Maurice Wee

ACD: Haniah Omar

ACD: Sara Badr

Producer: See Yeng Chua

Production: Ground Control Studios

Executive Producer/Producer: Michael Stanish

Music: Yessian

Music Supervisor: Brian Yessian

Animation: Lobo Brazil
Directors: Aron Matschulat Aguiar and Mateus de Paula Santos
Producer: Susan Constantine
Executive Producer: Loic François Marie Dubois
Storyboard: Fernanda Oliver
Concepts & Character Design: Wilson F N Panassi
CG Supervisor: Olavo Chagas
Modeling: Bruno Saber, Marcel Fujiwara, Guto Sposito, Felipe Bassi, Fredy Martins, Léo Rezende, Ale Barbosa, Guga Certain
Texturing / Look Dev: Bruno Saber, Marcio Gomes, George Damiani, Ale Barbosa
FX / Simulation: Lucas Stringhetti

3D Previs: Olavo Chagas
Animation & Rig Supervisor: Leonardo Cadaval
Rigging: Flavio Castello, Felipe Gimenes, Alexandre Marassa
Animation: Marcio Nicolosi, Helio Takahashi, Daniel Bahia ,Ste Kajimoto, Janaina Bonacelli, Jorge Zaggato, Raphael Vinicius
Lighting and Rendering: George Damiani
Compositing: Nara Andrade, George Damiani
Flame Artist: Carlos Campos, Zé Ambrosio
R&D: Giovani Balen Meneghel, Claudia Satie Fujiwara, Vedran Sinobad, Janaina de Carvalho, Werner Moecke, Paulo Henrique, Rocha Tafarello, Fabio Sampaio de Souza


Grey Singapore gave me a call to pull the team back together for the refresh of Scotts Gummies animation. This time, we pulled in the uber talent of Lobo to conceptualise, direct and execute the animation. The mega talent of Yessian Detroit was in charge of the Music.

We had all the assets and set up from the original animation. That was a unique piece because it was the first time we used redshift. Again, we learned a load on that project, but it allowed us to make this animation much more efficient. It was also to Lobo’s credit that they took on board redshift, and created a whole new pipeline to ensure continuity if not making the quality even better than the first lot.

I love the playfulness of this one. From a creative perspective also it captures a moment in time, it is definitely a project that pops up in my favourites.